America's Biggest Investor Warren Buffett Doesn't Trust All Cryptocurrencies Including Bitcoin

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 According to Warren Buffett, any asset in the world can be trusted which has its own value.

 Warren Buffett has said about cryptocurrency that it is not a productive asset nor does it have any value

 He went on to say, "If you tell me you have all the bitcoins in the world and agree to give me all for just $25, I still won't."

 Warren Buffett Has Caused Distrust In Bitcoin Or Any Cryptocurrency

 I don't know whether it will go up or down in the next 1 year or 5,10 years.

 But I am absolutely sure of one thing that it does not produce anything concrete

 Warren Buffett is known as America's biggest and experienced investor

 Warren Buffett is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway