It was the biggest challenge of all time for former UFC middleweight fighter Silva Anderson

 When former UFC fighter Jake Paul challenged Sylve Anderson in a boxing bout

 An 8-round boxing bout between Sylve Anderson and Jake Paul began on Saturday at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Ariz.

 In which Jake Paul was seen overshadowing Sylve Anderson from the opening round.

 He also predicted that he could knock out Sylva Anderson in the fifth round.

 But 47-year-old veteran Sylve Anderson, on the strength of his ability, managed to fight Paul till the eighth round.

 But in the end, the judges declared Jake Paul the winner by unanimous decisions 77–74, 78–73 and 78–73.

 Jake Paul celebrates his sixth win in his boxing career.

 UFC fans like many have had funny reactions since Jake Paul defeated Silva Anderson

 A fan tweeted that 'Dana White somewhere breaking his 300-inch TV'

 Another fan tweeted that boxing fight of the year is gonna be a MMA guy vs a youtuber

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