The UFC is owned and operated by Jufa & LLC, a subsidiary of the Endeavor Group.

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 It has been rumored for a long time that the owners of the UFC are considering buying WWE.

 Former WWE CEO Vince McMahon becomes his daughter after retirement

 The world's largest wrestling body, WWE, currently has a net market value of approximately $5.63 billion.

 WWE's new President and Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon takes over WWE's responsibilities

 WWE is a popular wrestling organization that has popularized great wrestlers like Roman Reigns, Triple H, John Cena, The Rock and The Great Khali.

 Shopiro opens up on rumors of buying WWE on behalf of the UFC

 He said that We're interested in anything in the owned sports properties segment.

 He further said that last time I showed interest in buying WWE.  I checked, it was not for sale

Conor McGregor revealed MMA and boxing bout vs Floyd Mayweather, $1.5 billion contract, check full details-