UFC President Dana White has always been the talk of the town in the MMA world.

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 During a recent UFC event interview, UFC President Dana White made a big announcement.

 UFC President Dana White has made an announcement that has never happened in UFC history till date

 UFC President Dana White was very impressed with a young fighter and Dana White was blown away after seeing his fight

 In general, UFC President Dana White never gives UFC contracts to fighters under the age of 25-26.

 But now UFC President Dana White has given a UFC contract to a young 17-year-old fighter.

 17-year-old Raul Rosas Jr.  Youngest fighter to win UFC contract

 During the postfight conference at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, UFC President Dana White said

that "For a 17-year-old to conduct himself the way he did in this fight, I was blown away by it. Blown away,"

 Raul Rosas, a strong performer at Dana White's promotion, fights in the ventumweight weight category

UFC President Dana White impressed and blown away ,‘ready to fight in UFC'

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