Former UFC Middleweight Champion Robert Whittaker's next fight will be on February 12 on his home soil

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 Robert will fight inside the octagon against Brazil's Paulo Costa at UFC 284

 The three-round match will be held as a co-main event at UFC 284 on February 12.

 The fight between Robert Whitaker vs Paulo Costa has been officially announced by the poster of UFC 284 on Thursday

 Robert Whitaker has only lost two of his last 15 fights, both against Israel Adesanya in the Fighting Championship.

 Pavla last fought against Luke Rockhold at UFC 278 in August

 Luke was knocked out by Paula Coast in a Fight of the Night performance, while Pavla had lost two of his matches before.

Pavla Costa 14–2 MMA, 6–2 UFC. Robert Whitaker 24–6 MMA, 15–4 UFC.