Once upon a time, Former UFC Champion Jon Jones tried to stun a fan

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 Former Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is known for holding a superb MMA record

 It's common when UFC fans ask their favorite fighters to try their special fighting skills on themselves.

 But sometimes such antics also lead to tragic incidents.

 The same thing happened to Jon Jones fans at the FIBO fitness trade show in 2019

 A Bizarre Fan Asked Jon Jones To Choke Himself Out by The Submission Game

 Let us tell you that the submission is related to stopping the supply of air, so it is extremely dangerous.

 If this fighting skill is done on someone for a long time, it can also cause brain damage.

 Although Jon Jones didn't do it his fan for a long time so nothing sad happened

 Later that bijare fan also had a friendly chat with former UFC champion Jon Jones.

Jon Jones Choked Out a Fan Unconscious after His Bizarre Request,what happened next