This dangerous match of UFC was played in America for the Bantamweight title

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 Amanda Nunes and Julianna Pena had the bloodiest match in this game of UFC 277

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 Amanda Nunes snatches away the Bantamweight title from Julianna Pena

 In this match, Amanda defeated Julianna 50–45, 50–44, 50–43.

 In this match, Julianna was knocked out three times even after being seriously injured.

 But later she gave up after suffering a very serious head injury.

 He suffered such serious injuries in this match that he was immediately taken to the hospital.

 Julianna had won the title of UFC Bantamweight title in the Dec. 2021

 Amanda Nunes was the Bantamweight Champion for 5 consecutive years before 2021

 But in 2021, Julianna defeated Amenda to win the Bantamweight title.

 But once again champion fighter Amanda Nunes defeated Julianna to win the title in 2021.