Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev to fight in stadium in Saudi Arabia at UFC 280

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 Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhanchev have been doing well in their last UFC fight

 Many veterans have given their opinion in the match between Inform player Charles and Islam

 Adriano Martins, who defeated Islam Makhanchev, declared Charles the winner of the match

 Conor McGregor, a known enemy of Islam Makhanchev's coach Khabib, gave his opinion and told

 When a Twitter user asked Conor McGregor who would win the match between these two, Conor said off course Auli

 At the same time, former UFC fighter Michael Chandler also expressed his opinion and called Islam the winner in this match.

 The match of UFC 280 is going to be held at the stadium in United Arab Emirates.

 Charles Oliveira has defeated dangerous players like Dustin Poirier and Tony Ferguson in his previous matches.