Conor McGregor, the former UFC division champion, has predicted the winner of UFC 280.

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 He has given this response in response to the question and answer asked by his fans on Twitter.

 Twitter user asked Charles Oliveira vs Islam who you got?  Islam or Charles

 To this Conor McGregor replied saying "Olly and easily.".

 Oliveira and Makhachev are due to fight at UFC 280 on October 22.

 Oliveira is the world number one in fighters ranking in MMA.  He has won 11 consecutive matches in UFC bout.

 Oliveira won his first UFC title in 2021 by defeating Michael Chandler.

 Makhachev is ranked third in MMA's Fighters Ranking, he has won 10 matches in a row in MMA Fighting.

 Although this conjecture of Conor McGregor may not be fair because

 Conor McGregor has had a lot of feuds with Islam coach and his mentor Khabib in the past