Dominic Thiem's physical trainer Jez Green has been trolled by tennis fans 

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 Because Dominic's trainer Jez Green compared Dominic to Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic

 Because He said that Nadal and Djokovic would not play against Dominic even though he is fully fit

 Dominic, one of the world's leading tennis players, has been away from the game for almost 1 year due to a wrist injury.

 But after returning in March, Dominic Thiem was initially seen in poor form

 Later he performed as brilliantly as before and set out on his way to victory.

 Jez Green says we will soon start seeing the original, full on, vintage Dominican thiem

 He further said that He could beat Nadal and Djokovic at their best.

 Green said Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic fear Dominic and don't want Thiem to be at his best

 Tennis fans are seen furious and criticizing Green due to his statement.

 One user said that you are not lying to anyone but yourself.

 You are only fooling one person and that is you.  Truly, no one cares about the Dominic thiem except you