Raul Rosas Jr. became youngest fighter to sign with UFC on Tuesday

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 Raul Rosas wins by unanimous decision against Mando Gutierrez on Dana White's Contender Series

 bantamweight  Fighter Rosas Jr. dominated the 25-year-old Gutierrez with his grappling skills the whole time

 After Rosas's spectacular win, Dana White offered the young fighter a contract which he accepted

 Dana White said of Rosas's game, "I've never seen anything like it.  He's absolutely, positively talented, he's special, different."

 Rosas Says After Getting Contract From Dana White "I Knew From Childhood It Was Happening"

 Mexican fighter Raul Rosas has broken the record held by Dan Lauzon, who was the youngest UFC fighter to compete at 18 years and 198 days.

 Rosas has said that I am going to be the UFC champion at the age of 20 or before, I am the new king here, no one can stop me

 The youngest fighter to win a UFC event was John Jonas, who became UFC Champion in 2011 at the age of 23