Football top 10 earners are demolishing records in the NFL 2022

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  Tom Brady has ranked no.1 in Forbes' annual NFL earning leader board in 2022

  Tom Brady is the highest-paid footballer in NFL 2022 with a net worth of $75 million

  Matthew Stufferd of the Los Angeles Chargers ranks second with earnings of $65 million

  Green Bay Bakers team's Rodgers ranks third with earnings of $53 million

   Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs ranks fourth with $51.5 million in earnings

  Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen ranks fifth with $51 million

  Quarterback deshaun Watson is at number six with earnings of $ 46 million

  Kirk Cousins of the Vikings team comes in at number seven with earnings of $42.5 million

  Denver Broncos' Russell Wilson comes in at number eight with earnings of $38 million

  Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cordinals ranks ninth with earnings of $33.5 million

  Dallas CowBoys quarterback Dak Prescott ranks 10th with $33 million earnings