NBA 2022-23 season to start soon

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 Amidst all these teams, all eyes are on the team of the Young Player of the New Orleans Pelicans.

 The Pelicans team won the 2022 trade with C.J.  Traded McCollum who has done well

 Williamson was a huge trade for the Pelicans as he became the first player to score 25 points per game since 1990

 The Pelicans' team has done well in their preseason but they also have a concern

 Playing in the preseason, Williamson has spent very little time on matches, which could be detrimental to the Pelicans' team.

 Zion Williamson is Concentrating on His Workload Because He Has John's Injury

 Now it has to be seen how Williamson performs in the match, is he going to play the first round

 Williamson said that you are not afraid of the thing you love.