If we talk about trace talk in basketball, then the name of larry bird comes first.

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 Everyone knows that larry bird used trace talk to defeat his opponent.

 Larry Bird has played for the Boston Celtics basketball team his entire career.

 Many great players in basketball have done trace talk, among which are Miller, Gary Payton.

 Larry Bird has achieved many milestones, including 12 All-Star Games appearances, 3 MVP Awards, 2 Final MVP Awards.

 The height of larry bird was 6 feet 9 inches, due to which he used to jump well as well as pass well.

 More recently, Magic Johnson's agent Lon Rosen explained the history of the larry bird and said that

 Lon rosen said that we all know how famous larry bird was during his days with trace talk.

 He used to trace talk with almost each of his attendants and try to put psychological pressure on them in the match.

 Lon rosen told Friends of Earvin that "I've never heard someone spout more rubbish than Larry.