An agreement was reached in April between Twitter and Twitter to buy the social media company.

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 Elon Musk signed a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter

 But later Elon Musk canceled the agreement, citing some reasons.

 Whose Twitter sued them to complete the acquisition

 The legal case between the two is about to start in October next month.

 According to sources, all the shareholders of Twitter Inc. are voting on the agreement, which has a deadline of September 13.

 Twitter Inc.'s majority shareholder votes in favor of $44 billion sale to Elon Musk

 Most of the stock had voted till Monday evening for the result to be confirmed.

 The issue began on April 4, 2022, when Twitter reported Elon Musk buying 9.2 percent of Twitter's shares for $2.9 billion.

 On 14 April 2022, Elon Musk offered $44 billion to buy the entire company Twitter, which was accepted by Twitter.