Alexander Volkanovsky, performing dangerously in the UFC

 Alexander Volkanovsky has 11 consecutive wins in his UFC career

 Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovsky defeated champions Max Hallaway and Jose Aldo

 2nd Division Champion Conor McGregor has won only one match since 2016 and lost 3

 Conor McGregor, popularly known as The Great, may return by the middle of 2023

 Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovsky speaking to tmz Sports

 "It's always going to be a big fight, there's always going to be money, there's going to be a circus,

  it's going to be entertaining, it's going to be fun, I'll enjoy that whole f**king thing,"

 Alexander Volkanovsky likely to fight Islam Makhchev at UFC to be held in Australia

Charles Oliveira reveals what Khabib said him in Octagon after loss of Lightweight title to Makhachev