Hasbulla, a friend of Khabib who is suffering from a disease of seeding

 He Has Warned UFC Megastar Conor McGregor

 Social media superstar hasbulla is quite famous he has 3.5 million followers in social media

 UFC President Dana White has revealed that he has signed a multiyear contract with Hasbulla.

 According to which Rasgulla will promote the UFC fight and he is also going to fight the promotion fight.

 Most recently, Hasbulla was seen in Islam Makhachev's corner in a UFC 280 match.

 Conor McGregor and Hasbulla have been at war on social media for the past few months.

 Conor McGregor called Hasbulla 'smelly inbred' from his Twitter handle,

  To this hasbulla responded and said "Yeah I saw all of his tweets about me,"

 The interview asked Hasbulla how he would harm McGregor and he said "But he's not my opponent. I don't know what yet but I will definitely do something."

  He can talk.  He's not a fighter for me.I don't respect him as a fighter and if I meet him I will cause some problems for him."

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