Gaethje suffered a nose injury while fighting against Oliveira at UFC 274

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 Gaethje is ruled out of the UFC due to this injury

 But now Gaethje is about to return to the UFC, he told MMA in an interview that

 “I told them next year,I'll be ready next year, ideally January, February, or March, whatever they want to do.

 He further said that I do not know when Kamaru Usman is going to reach London but I do not mind fighting in London.

 Gaethje, 34, has lost two of his last three matches and is currently third in the 155-pound category

 Rafael Fiziev (12-1) awaits Justin's return to the UFC

 Fiziev said in his interview “But I want this guy, bro.  This yellow guy.  I want him because it's a very big challenge for me and really

 He further said that I am following my diet plan, I am eating whatever I feel like.