Masvidal talks about Diaz, his former UFC foe

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 He said it was good that Nat Diaz left the UFC

 The pair last competed together in a welterweight division BMF (Bedest Mother fu***r) match.

 In this match in November 2019, doctors came and stopped the match because Diaz had several cuts in his eye.

 The match lasted for 3 rounds and after that Masvidal was declared the winner.

 Masvidal has since lost his next three UFC matches while Diaz has won his previous match.

 At UFC 279, Diaz announced his retirement from the UFC after defeating Tony Ferguson.

 Masvidal told Diaz "That's good for him to leave the big leagues before he gets serious brain damage,"

 He said about the BMF match “I almost killed his ass and the referee saved him, you know?  So, I don't really like him too much."