Amber Heard is reportedly contacting ex-husband Johnny Depp's close friend Angelina Jolie

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 Amber is trying to contact Angelina Jolie for some advice and support after losing her defamation suit in June

 Angelina Jolie has been a close friend of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp for a long time

 According to a report published in a magazine, Amber Heard has contacted Angelina Jolie and is seeking her help.

 Reportedly, Amber Heard has a list of high profile Hollywood celebrities she will contact for help.

 And at the top of that list is Angelina Jolie so Amber Hard is trying to contact her

 But Angelina Jolie has been a close and loyal friend to Hollywood actor Johnny Depp

 That's why Angelina Jolie would hardly think of being friends with a notorious person like Amber Hard.  Amber Heard has bad luck this time

 Johnny Depp won the case against Amber Heard in June 2022 after a prolonged trial this year.

 The court found Amber Heard guilty in this case and also fined her.