Islam Makhachev recently became the UFC Lightweight Champion by defeating Charles Oliveira.

Along with this, the pictures of the contestants of the next lightweight title bout are also clearly visible.

More recently, UFC President Dana White named Volkanowski as the contender for the next lightweight title bout.

After defeating Oliveira, Islam and Volkanowski almost confirmed the contenders for the next lightweight title bout

The current UFC featherweight title champion is Australian MMA fighter Alexander Volkanowski.

Recently promoted to the lightweight weight category, Volkanowski will have to face Islam Makhachev

Former UFC Champion Henry Cejudo advises Volkanowski on preparations to fight Islam Makhachev

“I don't understand why they're doing Australia in February.  So damn early, but

what you are gonna need, Alexander – I know you have skills, but going up against a guy like this,

you're gonna need a lot more than four months.  You’re gonna need the right training partners and the right

coaches.”  Henry Cejudo said about Volkanowski preparedness to fight Islam Makhachev on his YouTube channel.

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