Former UFC Champion Frank Mir Wants His Retirement But He Has Put A Condition

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 Former UFC champion Frank Mir is currently away from the UFC and is focusing on his daughter's career

 Friend's daughter Bella is a mir fighter and she is 3-0 undefeated

 Legendary fighter Frank Mir played his last UFC match in 2019

 In his last match, he broke his four consecutive losing streak and defeated Roy Nelson.

 Frank later joined boxing leaving the UFC where he was not successful.

 In his second match of boxing, he lost against Kulbrat Pulev in just one round and was knocked out.

 Now He Wants To Retire From UFC But He Has A Condition

 He said in his interview that I actually want to fight once on the same card with Bella as my last fight,”

 But it is very difficult to have both father and daughter fight in one main card.