Recently a report related to the sale of electric vehicles in California has been released.

This report shows the dominance of Tesla and California to the electric vehicle market in the United States

In California, 17.7 percent of vehicles sold in October were all-electric.

While only 6% of all vehicles sold in October across the US were all-electric.

In October, 42 percent of all electric vehicle sales in the US were in California alone.

In October, 5,76,000 electric vehicles were sold in the US, of which 250,000 were sold in California.

Tesla is one of the leading electric vehicle manufacturers not only in the United States but in the world.

Tesla holds two-thirds of the electric vehicle market in the United States

Electric vehicle maker Tesla is working brilliantly on electric vehicle infrastructure across the US.

Electric vehicle maker Tesla is also known for its superb supercharger network.

The United States is encouraging the manufacture, production, and adaptation of electric vehicles.

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