Elon Musk-owned electric car maker Tesla is accused of fraud, by drivers

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 Tesla is facing allegations of fraud, falsely misleading advertisements of its Autopilot system

 Tesla sells this technology for thousands of dollars by talking about the Autopilot system as an addon to its car.

 Tesla's customer Briggs Matsko has filed a class action lawsuit against Tesla in a California court.

 He has sought damages and jury trial against the automaker Tesla and CEO Elon Musk from the court.

 He Claims To Have Paid $5000 For Auto Pilot System Upgradation In The 2018 Tesla Model X

 Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have repeatedly made misleading advertisements about Tesla's advanced driver assistant system called Autopilot technology.

 In 2016 Tesla released a video showing a Tesla car driving through busy roads and intersections to reach its destination completely safe and self-driving.

 In fact, the Tesla employee who made the video has revealed that the video used commercial mapping software in the car, which is not made available to Tesla customers.

 Since 2017, Tesla and Musk have repeatedly made misleading advertisements and statements about the Auto Pilot system.  They claim that some version of their car is capable of completely self-driving under all conditions

 Due to their misleading statements, which are completely false, many times Tesla drivers have faced accidents, including the 2018 single highway accident in which the Tesla driver was killed.