Dwayne Johnson has also earned a name in the field of acting after wrestling.

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 Dwayne Johnson's father Rocky was Wrestler and mother Etta were also from wrestling background.

 Dwayne Johnson's happiness was snatched away from his father's illicit relationship at a young age.

  Because of Rocky's illicit relationship, dwayne's mother Etta divorced him.

 Dwayne wanted to become a footballer since childhood, he was also selected in a famous football league.

 But due to injury, he was out of the game for 2 months.

 This incident put him in deep shock and then he also missed football.

 Dwayne's body was as good as his father's, so he entered the world of wrestling

 And then did Dwayne, Mostly known by his ring name The Rock, Win 10 Wrestling World Championships

 After earning a name in wrestling, The Rock entered the acting world

 He has done a total of 40 films, most of which have been super hit, his first film was 'The Mummy Returns'.

 Dwayne Johnson 'The Rock', who has been honored with a total of 20 awards, has become the world's most expensive actor at present.