Dwayne Johnson The Rock has shared a video of his gym workout on his Instagram account which is going viral.

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 Dwayne Johnson shares video of his workout with defensive tackle Aaron Donald of NFL team Los Angeles Rams

 Actually Aaron Donald had the idea that he should do a competition of workouts in the gym with Dwayne Johnson.

 Dwayne Johnson Said On Workout With Aaron Donald That "We're Always Hungry. Never Full,"

 "For the record, these were the opening supersets that brother AD wanted to start our workout with. And I thought I was f---ing crazy."

 "20 reps, switch arms, 20 reps, switch arms, 20 reps, switch arms, 20 reps. No rest. 100 LB dumbbells. Three sets."

 Aaron Donald has two sacks and 6 tackles for his team Los Angeles this season in the NFL

 The Los Angeles Rams have two wins in three games so far this season

 The Los Angeles Rams will try their best to win the San Francisco 49ers in their next match on Monday