Earlier of the September Dwayne Johnson agreed a footwear sponsorship deal with the UFC

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 UFC Fighters Have To Wear These Shoes After This Deal With UFC's Dwayne Johnson

 Many UFC stars agree to the deal and even wear the shoes offered by Dwayne Johnson

 But there are also many UFC starts who have abused these shoes sponsored by Dwayne Johnson.

 And the name of Nate Diaz comes first in such UFC starts.

 Naet Diaz retires after winning his final UFC fight in the first half of September

 Nate Diaz Criticizes Dwayne Johnson's Shoes During Promotion Event After UFC 279 Bout

 And said that "Look at these shoes.  They made me put this shit on.  Fuck these shoes."

 Dwayne Johnson and Under Armour continue to form a cobranded footwear partnership

 These footwears are given to UFC fighters by UFC as official kits during UFC events