Dwayne Johnson: Nate Diaz Kevin Holland cheeky comments on UFC's new shoe sponsorship deal

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 The new footwear sponsorship deal between Dwayne Johnson and the UFC has generated a lot of controversy

 Dwayne Johnson announced a footwear sponsorship deal with the UFC under Project Rock in early September

 Under which these shoes are given to UFC fighters by the UFC as an official kit during the Octagon and UFC events.

 UFC adopts new footwear sponsorship deal with Dwayne Johnson

 But the shoes were criticized by UFC star Nat Diaz after winning the UFC 279 fight.

 Nat Diaz called the design flawed, saying "These shoes f**ing suck…..F** these shoes!"

 But UFC star Kevin Holland posted a sticky on Instagram about Dwayne Johnson's shoes.

 He wrote in the caption of the post that "@therock I like the new red shoes don't listen to them other guys."

 That caption from Kevin Holland made it look like he stood up for Dwayne Johnson's The Rock shoes

 But from the picture he posted, it was clear that he was making fun of those shoes.