Miami Dolphins quarterback Tagovailá suffered serious head and neck injuries in Thursday night's game

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 Tua was carried off the field on a stretcher after suffering an injury in the first half of the game against the Cincinnati Bengals

 He was immediately admitted to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, a local hospital.

 There he was given formal Treatment along with X-ray and CT scan.

 According to preliminary tests, there has been no structural damage to the Tua Tagovailoa.

 As a precaution, the Tagovailoa was wearing a neck brace, he is not hurt elsewhere on the body

 According to sources, Tagovailoa met his team after being discharged from the hospital and along with the team has left for South Florida.

 Miami Dolphins coach Mike McDaniels explained during the press conference that "I could tell it wasn't the same guy that I was used to seeing".

  "It was a scary moment. He was evaluated for a concussion. He's in the concussion protocol, but he's being discharged."

 Tagovailoa has issued a statement on his injury starus after McDaniel's press conference

 "I want to thank everyone for all of their prayers and support since the game last night,"

  I'm feeling much better and focused on recovering so I can get back out on the field.