Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa suffered head and neck injuries Thursday night

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 In the first half against the Cincinnati Bengals, Tua lay on the field for 10 minutes after being injured, later being carried off the field on a stretcher

 Tagovailoa was immediately admitted to the nearest local hospital and treated there.

 Tagovailoa's X-Ray and CT Scan has been done in the hospital, he has also had an MRI on Friday

 Tagovailoa has released from the hospital after treatment and has flown to South Florida with his team, the Dolphins.

 Tua Tagovailoa has issued a statement informing about the status of his injury after being discharged from the hospital.

 He first thanked all his fans and the Dolphins team for their prayers and support

 Many questions are being raised after Tagovailoa's injury on Thursday night, one of which is when he will be able to play again.

 Miami Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel talks about Tagovailoa's re-play during a press conference

 He has said that, Tagovailoa has no timetable to return as he remains in the NFL concussion protocol following his injury.