UFC commentator and former Olympian Daniel Cormier believes that Bo nickal is a good wrestling player but

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   Bo can't beat khamzat chimaev with just wrestling

   Cormier said that Bo nickal could be the upcoming champion but he is not yet mature

   Let us tell you that after Bo nickal got the UFC contract, he challenged the Russian player khamzat chimaev.

   About which Daniel Cormier and Henry Cejudo objected to this challenge of Bo nickal and said that Bo nickal is not that good yet.

   Although Daniel Cormier said that Bo nickal would easily defeat khamzat chimaev if only to wrestle.

   But if we talk about mixed martial arts, then it will not be easy, in this many things have to be done simultaneously.

   cormier said “Look, I struggled taking down Jon Jones even though I was a much more credentialed wrestler.

   Cormier said about Bo Nickal, "He's always heading down one path, and that's to be the best.