UFC President Dana White recently shared a shirtless picture of himself on Instagram

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 53-year-old Dana White has quickly lost 30 pounds by very hardwork in the gym

 Recently, white said that a biological and human scientist, Gary Brecka, told him that 'you have 10 years to live'

 Brecka can take your blood and your DNA and tell you when you're going to die,

 Gary Brecca told Dana White to follow his advice for 10 weeks and White did the same

 Dana White reveals that her life has completely changed after working hard In these 10 Weeks

 His shirtless picture has gone viral and is garnering many reactions.

 ESPN broadcaster Laura Sanko reacts that "That's amazing, well done."

 actor Mario Lopez said: "We need to break this down my man."

  WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury said that “Wow Dana White is looking fantastic.

 “Hard work pays off.  Go get it people."