Hollywood and WWE's famous face Dwayne Johnson remains in the news a lot in the UFC right now.

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 When Dana White Was Asked About Dwayne Johnson's Hypothetical Career, He Said

 Dana White and Johnson have a very good bonding Johnson also launched the belt of UFC in California.

 In the BBQ episode when Cooper Manning asked Dana White who would you like to invite to the barbecue.

 To this, Dana White replied saying The Rock, after which he asked Dwayne Johnson about the possible career of the UFC, then he told

 “I think if The Rock started training MMA when he was a younger guy, he would have done really well.”

 There is no doubt that The Rock would not have achieved success had he made a career in the UFC.

 Recently a question was asked to Nate Diaz, who retired from UFC –

 On what happened, Nate Diaz said that he would return to the UFC, if he had a match with Dwayne Johnson, then he would return.

 The shoes launched by Dwayne Johnson under Project Rock were also ridiculed by UFC fighters.