Conor McGregor Reveals He Wants To Fight Charles Oliveira In His UFC Comeback

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 Conor McGregor wants immediate title shot in his comeback, to which Dana White reacts

 Dana White reveals that if Oliveira wins champion, she will face Alexander Volkanowski

 Conor McGregor is currently out of the UFC because he had a leg break

 Two consecutive defeats to Dustin Poirier during a UFC match resulted in his leg twisted

 If Charles Oliveira wins his first lightweight championship he missed due to a weight mistake

 So maybe it's hard for Conor McGregor and Charles Oliveira to fight together

 Dana White made it clear in an interview with My Mom's Basement that

 When asked whether Alexander Volkanovsky would be able to become a lightweight contender

 Then Dana White said, "Well it makes sense,".  Clearly Alexander Volkanovsky is going to be a lightweight contender