Conor McGregor often keeps posting controversial posts from his social media account

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 More recently, Conor McGregor told Khabib's friend Hasbulla that "whoop his a**"

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 Russian star Hasbulla who appears smaller due to a disease called Growth Hormone Deficiency

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 Conor McGregor and Hasbulla had some debate on social media because he was "smelly inbred" into McGregor.  said.

 Hasbulla has just signed a deal with the UFC in which he will be present at the UFC event and perform his media duties

 In response Hasbulla said: "I don't follow bums, didn't know someone was running their mouth

 Conor McGregor probably hates Hasbulla because Khabib is a good friend of Habibullah

 Habibullah responded by teasing Conor McGregor about Khabib, saying "At least one of us kept an undefeated record."

 "Hasbulla 1. McGregor 0. I have my UFC contract now,"