UFC 280 is going to be held on October 22 in the UFC Championship, this match can be quite exciting.

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 Brazilian player Charles Oliveira and Russian player Islam Makhanchev are going to be held in UFC 280

 Khabib Nurmagomedov, a former Russian player, has entrusted the responsibility of his legacy to Islam.

 Adriano Martins, the only player to have defeated Islam Makhanchev in 2015, predicts Charles Oliveira to win

 Adriano Martins killed Islam Makhanchev in this match by hitting a super punch within 3 minutes.

 Andriana Martins said "Charles doesn't have anything to prove to anyone,"

 He said that if a bet is made between Islam and Charles Oliveira, then he will bet on Charles Oliveira

 Describing Charles Oliveira, he said, "He's faced everyone at featherweight and lightweight, he's in the UFC for 11 years

 Martins said of Islam “I see Makhachev evolving as an athlete and a man, physically speaking