EV market in US: Which states have the most EV charging stations in US-

As the electric vehicle market in the US continues to expand, having enough EV charging stations is important for longer driving range and shorter wait times at chargers.

Currently, the US has about 140,000 public EV chargers spread across nearly 53,000 charging stations, still far outnumbering the nation’s 145,000 gas stations.

This graphic maps EV charging stations in the US using data from the National Renewable Energy Lab.

The map has interactive features when viewed on a computer, showing pricing structures and connector types when hovering over a charging station, along with filtering options.

California has the highest number of EV charging stations at 15,182, representing an impressive 29% of all charging stations in America.

In fact, the Golden State has nearly twice as many chargers as the next three states, New York (3,085), Florida (2,858) and Texas (2,419) combined.

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