US China tensions: Chinese fighter plane took off over US warship Arleigh Burke-class, picture went viral.

Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan despite China's opposition, which was strongly opposed by China.China considers Taiwan its territory while Taiwan considers itself an independent nation.On the arrival of Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan,.

US China tentions :

China had told America that America has interfered in our internal matter, since then the enmity between the two nations had increased.

Ever since China landed its aircraft in the South China Sea, the navies of both countries have been stationed in the South China Sea, many times the armies of both countries have come face to face.

Meanwhile, a picture is becoming very viral on social media in which a Chinese fighter jet J-15 is seen flying over the US warship Arleigh Burke-class.

China has two aircraft carriers Liaoning and Shandong, both of these aircraft are used to take off the J-15 fighter aircraft. China has about 34 J15 fighter aircraft.

Features of Arleigh Burke -class

America’s warship Arleigh Burke-class Considered the largest destroyer inducted into the US Navy, it was inducted into the US Navy in 1991. The main purpose of making this aircraft was to protect American aircraft from Russian submarines.

This US warship has anti-submarine missiles like Sea Sparrow, Tomahawk and ASROC.

The J-15 missile was developed by China from a prototype of Ukraine’s Su-33.

China had bought a fighter aircraft named Su-33 from Ukraine and using this prototype, China made a fighter aircraft called J-15. Chinese fighter jet J-15 is also a very dangerous fighter aircraft but it is very heavy and Chinese aircraft have to put full force of their engine to launch it, due to which this fighter aircraft cannot takeoff with weapons and fuel.

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