UFC undefeated player Khamzat Chimaev was thrashed by a bunch of youths, all shocked

UFC’s welterweight star player chimaev has been in the news a lot at the moment.

Khamzat Chimaev has many records in his name at 185 pounds, he has knocked out 4 of his opponents in the first round.

chimaev is undefeated in his UFC career he just defeated Kevin Holland at UFC 279

chimaev has a fight with the children of the head of the Chechnya Republic Ramzan Kadyrov

In this funny fight, the children of Ramzan, the head of Chechnya Republic, and chimaev had a lot of fun.

Ramzan, the head of the Chechnya Republic, is taking good care of chimaev at the moment

chimaev was born in Chechnya and is a three-time national champion and has changed his residence to Sweden.

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