Tesla-inspired electric car launched at just $26,000 by the Chinese automaker

Chinese automaker Chang’an Automobile has unveiled a new electric car that can compete with Tesla.

The dimensions of this new electric car resembles the Tesla Model 3

Shenlan SL03

According to an Auto Tech website, the name of this new electric car is Shenlan SL03.

The starting price of this new electric car is being told around $26000. While the cost of Tesla Model 3 electric car is around $40,000

Talking about the specifications of the Shenlan SL03 electric car, its base version comes with a Chinese standard range of 515 km.

The new electric car will be backed by a bigger battery with a range of 705 km.

Within a few hours of the company launching the new electric car Shenlan SL03, more than 15,000 people got reservations for this car.

According to the report, the company can increase the production of Shenlan SL03 to 15000 units per month. Also, the company is planning to deliver the first unit of this car to the customers by the end of 2022. Mmmmmm

Tesla Model 3

It won’t be that easy for the Shenlan SL03 electric car to compete with the Tesla Model 3. Let us tell you that Tesla Model 3 is the best selling car in Europe in 2021.

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