The Rock: Dwayne Johnson’s holiday picture is starting to shoot; J.K. Simmons and Bonnie Hunt have joined the cast

Red One at Prime Video, a Dwayne Johnson and Jake Kasdan collaboration, is presently in production, and J.K. Bonnie Hunt, a nominee for an Emmy, and Oscar winner Simmons have joined the cast as Santa and Mrs. Claus, respectively. The cast of the four-quadrant holiday family film includes Chris Evans, Lucy Liu, Kiernan Shipka, Kristofer … Read more

Dwayne Johnson: The Rock in headlines once again in WWE world, the reason is quite interesting

Hollywood actor Dwayne the Rock Johnson is once again making headlines in the world of WWE One of Hollywood’s most famous actors, Dwayne Johnson, has been a former champion of WWE. However, this time the reason why The Rock is making headlines in the WWE world is quite interesting. This time Dwayne Johnson is in … Read more

Selena Gomez surpasses Dwayne Johnson to become world’s most positive social media influencer

Science Happiness, a website, has compiled a list of Most Positive Social Media Influencers in the world with proper research and analysis. In this list, he has added the names of the big stars of social media, who have the most positive tweets on their social media accounts and also have less negative tweets. This … Read more

Worldwide Famous Top 4 WWE Superstars, but do you know their real names?

Worldwide Famous : WWE has become a very famous sport all over the world. Many dangerous wrestlers have come in this game. Many wrestlers are very famous all over the world. You may recognize him by his ring name but do you know his real name? 1. The Rock : The Rock started his wrestling … Read more