SpaceX achieves another achievement, launches 52 Starlink satellites, 43rd orbital mission successful

SpaceX successfully completed its 43rd orbital mission on Saturday. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launched the Star Link company’s 52 satellites into space.

SpaceX’s rocket Faulkner returned to Earth by placing the satellite in inner Earth orbit in just 9 minutes.

The landing of the Falcon rocket took place in the Atlantic Ocean, in which SpaceX has built a township in which the landing of this rocket was done.

Starlink company is a company owned by SpaceX, the main objective of this company is to provide high speed internet service in remote areas around the world where internet service is not available.

Starlink company has installed about 3000 satellites on earth and so far it is providing its internet service in 37 countries.

Starlink CEO Elon Musk just launched the Coverage Above and Beyond mission last month.

The Starlink company is also about to launch version two of its satellite, which will be much bigger and more capable than the previous satellite.

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