Selena Gomez: When Nick Jonas’s sexuality was questioned, Selena Gomez saved his honor

Recently, a news spread about Nick Jonas’s sexuality that he is a gay.

Nick played a gay role in those days in Scream Queens and Kingdom.

After which it was spread all around that American singer Nick Jonas is gay.

Selena Gomez

But during an interview, Selena Gomez, who had previously dated Nick Jonas, has denied this news outright.

During a chat show in 2018, host Andy Cohen asked Selena how many points she would like to give Nick Jonas as gay

In response to this question, actress Selena Gomez said that I had dated her before, so I would like to give zero points.

This answer of actress Selena Gomez was very much liked by the audience and her fans and all the rumors of Nick Jonas being gay were proved wrong.

Although this news was widely spread but it was proved to be completely wrong.  Nick Jonas later married Priyanka Chopra.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas also have a lovely daughter
Whose name is Malti Mary Chopra.

Actually, actress Selena Gomez was dating Nick Jonas in the year 2008.  But after 1 year, both of them broke up.  Since then Nick Jonas has dated many girls but in the end he married Priyanka Chopra.

  Selena Gomez is a very beautiful and talented Hollywood actress.  He has many million followers on social media accounts.  Selena Gomez is quite popular for her simplicity and down to earth.

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