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Roger Federer, the first player in the history of professional tennis to win 20 Grand Slams in men’s singles, has said goodbye to tennis. Roger Federer has achieved on the tennis court all the achievements that a tennis player dreams of achieving in his career.


Let us tell you about some achievements of the great player Roger Federer on the tennis court-

Roger Federer informed about the announcement of his retirement by tweeting on Twitter on 15 September 2022. He told that he will play tennis for the last time in the Laver Cup starting in London next week.

The 41-year-old Roger Federer has won more than 1500 matches in his tennis career spanning 24 years. Roger Federer has so far won 20 Grand Slams in men’s singles. He is the first tennis player in the world to win 20 Grand Slams in men’s singles.

He won his 20th Grand Slam with the Australian Open title on 28 January 2018. Swiss player Roger Federer is called the emperor of hard court and grass court, however his performance on red gravel has not been that great.

Roger Federer, one of the world’s greatest tennis players of all time, has won the most Wimbledon Grand Slams. Roger Federer has won the Australian Open 6 times and the US Open 5 times. Apart from this, Roger Federer has also won the French Open once. Apart from this, Roger Federer has also won the Olympic gold medal.

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