Real Estate: Who will get the royal property of $ 28 billion now, Elizabeth left $ 50 million

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 96

Elizabeth 2

Real Estate: The Royal Property

After 70 years of reign, the Queen has left behind a personal wealth of $ 50 million

Elizabeth’s personal wealth will be inherited by Britain’s next King, Prince Charles

But what about the $28 billion empire owned by The Royal Firm?

The Royal Firm was a group of senior members of the Royal Family and public figures headed by Queen Elizabeth

Apart from Queen Elizabeth in The Royal Firm, there are 7 other royal family members including Prince Charles

According to Forbes, The Royal Farm has royal assets of $ 28 billion, which cannot be sold.

The royal firm has been dubbed a ‘family business’ by members of the royal family.

The royal family does not directly benefit from this royal property i.e. family business.

This family business has only one purpose – to strengthen the UK economy.

In return, the royal family receives funding through media coverage and brands.

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