Midnight Mania! ‘Heartbroken’ Frankie Edgar reacts to UFC 281 retirement defeat

Edgar had suffered two straight defeats going into his bout at Madison Square Garden, and at 41, “The Answer” decided it was time to call it a day.


Perfectly timed jump knee from Chris Gutierrez in the opening round prevented him from doing so with a (almost) local triumph (HIGHLIGHTS).The fact that Frankie Edgar’s family witnessed his final walk and performance live made things more challenging.

Frankie Edgar:

Even a boxer who is used to winning at the highest level would find it challenging. The former champion and likely future Hall of Famer discussed how wonderfully his training went up until everything went wrong on his podcast The Champ & The Tramp.

I had a wonderful, fantastic week there. The support I received from everybody was amazing. The short film that the UFC produced made me feel loved.My peers are the most significant of my peers. I was looking back quickly. I thought I was in the back. I step outside, and bam. You undoubtedly noticed it. Everyone caught it.

It’s terrible, but how can I really complain? said Edgar. “People cheered my name before, during, and after the event. To get where I am now, I had to work really hard.

I made a lot of lifelong sacrifices. I have given my all to my sports career from the beginning, but who am I to whine? I am aware of both perspectives. Just trying to be thankful for what I did and the experience I had.

Rafael dos Anjos commented on Edgar’s Instagram picture in response, saying, “It was crazy to me how hard you worked when I was there to support you for one of your title defences. Have fun in retirement, my brother. Highly deserving. #legend

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