Jon Jones would kill Israel Adesanya: Former UFC Champ Henry Cejudo spill the beans

Former UFC champion Henry Cejudo has made a big statement on feud between Jon Jones and Israel.Henry said that there is so much hatred between Jon Jones and Israel that they can kill each other.

Verbal Fights have been going on between Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya for a long time,both of them made combat statements against each other many times and have also given challenges to fight.

Henry Cejudo talks about the ongoing feud between Adesanya and Jones during a live question and answer session Henry Cejudo said that if these two were face to face against each other, then Jon Jones would win.

Talking further on this, Henry Cejudo said that if Jon Jones gets permission to kill, then he will kill Israel Adesanya in the fight.

“Jones would kill Israel. If you were to let Jones, like, literally kill him, Jones would kill him. That’s how much he doesn’t like him.” Henry Cejudo said during Q&A live session

Jon Jones hasn’t been seen fighting a single fight in the Octagon since the year 2020.
Jon Jones defended his light heavyweight title against Dominick Reyes in that last fight

Although Jon Jones is preparing to return to the UFC by the year 2023.

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