Do you know why electric vehicles accelerate faster than diesel petrol vehicles?

Keeping in view the future, the demand for electric vehicles is increasing rapidly across the world. Apart from not polluting the environment, electric vehicle gives many more benefits. Electric vehicles can be accelerated very quickly

So today in this article we will tell you how electric vehicle accelerates much faster than diesel petrol vehicles.

biggest two reasons-

The first reason is that electric vehicles do not have gears. Gears are used to drive diesel petrol vehicles, but changing gears also takes a few milliseconds, due to which the vehicle takes time to accelerate.

The second biggest reason for the rapid acceleration of an electric vehicle is to achieve instant torque at 0 rpm. In electric vehicles, up to a powerful instant can be generated only at zero rpm, due to which the vehicle can be accelerated quickly.

Due to these 2 biggest reasons, the electric vehicle does not take much time to catch the high speed.

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