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What is Black Friday

Black Friday is considered very important for the economy of the whole world, including the United States. Black Friday is considered a day after the US Thanksgiving holiday. In the United States, the day after the Thanksgiving holiday is informally named Black Friday.

History of Black Friday in US

Historically, Black Friday is related with days of poor economic conditions. The first Black Friday took place in the year 1869. When financier Jay Gould and railway businessman James Fisk tried to corner the gold market, it resulted in a lot of financial stress and the market crashed. After this there were many occasions in history when Black Friday caused huge financial crisis.

Black Friday as start of US Christmas shopping season

Black Friday is considered a public holiday in more than 20 states of the United States. Traditionally, Black Friday in the United States has been a holiday for many employees. Black Friday in the United States is known as the start of the US Christmas shopping season.

In the United States, many people shop for Christmas on Black Friday. Black Friday is considered one of the biggest shopping days of the year. In 2021, more than 150 million Americans shopped during Black Friday.

What happen on Black Friday

Black Friday is marked by huge discounts and special shopping deals and offers on products. Black Friday is considered to be the beginning of critical holiday shopping seasons before Christmas. On Black Friday, retailers provide customers with huge discounts, special offers, deals and promotions.

Main Products Selling on Black Friday

Retailers both online and in-line stores try to attract the customers with maximum discount-offers. On Black Friday, huge discounts are given mainly on TVs, Smartphones, Electronic Gadgets, Electronic Products, Toys etc.

When Black Friday will be celebrated

In the year 2022, Black Friday will be celebrated in the United States on Friday, November 24. Black Friday is usually celebrated all over the world on Friday only. The fourth Thursday of November is considered as Thanksgiving Day and just 1 day after that is considered Black Friday.

In the US last year in 2021 Black Friday was celebrated on 26 November and this year in 2022 Black Friday will be celebrated on 25 November. Whereas next year in 2023, Black Friday will be celebrated on 24 November in United States.

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